AL I:9

Worship then the Khabs, and behold my light shed over you!

Again I cannot add anything to Crowley’s New Comment on this verse:
We are not to worship the Khu, to fall in love with our Magical Image. To do this — we have all done it — is to forget our Truth. If we adore Form, it becomes opaque to Being, and may soon prove false to itself. The Khu in each of us includes the Cosmos as he knows it. To me, even another Khabs is only part of my Khu. Our own Khabs is our one sole Truth.

To worship the Khu would to become a black brother, holding the back your life from mingling with the infinite. Obsessing upon our own finite existence whose ultimate purpose and sole reason for being is to connect with that infinite being, this sort of behavior denies our true nature.


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