AL I:8

The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs.

I am not sure what this verse means. It hinges on sketchy translation of Egyptian words. I can take some guesses though.

Khu, sometimes “Akh” or “Akhu” one of the seven souls processed by each human. It is the sense of self, I am that I am. It is not the personality, nor the life force that animates the body.

Khabs, meaning star. I have also seen it translated as though it was “ha” meaning body and also “khaibut” another of the seven souls, the shadow.

Using those translations it seems to be telling us that the conception of the universe which we know through bodily sensations are manufactured by the self. Khu is our secret center and the Khabs is our star body and the universe that we have gathered about this self that we might experience the joys of manifestation.

The second part of the sentence is a warning against imagining that the sense of self is merely a by product of brain matter and neurons firing. This leads to the conception that upon death there is only nullity, which is contrary to the idea of reabsorption into Nuit, this is is explored later in this chapter.


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