AL I:6

Be thou Hadit, my secret centre, my heart & my tongue!

Nuit expounds upon the previous verse.

Had is the event through which she becomes manifest, Hadit is the vehicle of this event. To help Nuit in her unveiling the Lord of Thebes must take on the form of Hadit and provide Nuit with three functions that she lacks:

1. Secret Centre
As Nuit is all circumference, the all and nothing, she lacks a centre, lacks focus. Hadit provides this, he becomes the conception of limit. Yet just as the Ying and Yang conceal a third unnamed principle between them, so Hadit is secret and not visible.

2. Heart
As Nuit contains within her all space and time, she has no tenancy toward positive or negative, life or death, these things which have now been defined by virtue of the secret centre. Hadit is this spark, this heart that moves and organizes, the heart which creates tendency toward one or the other. The very laws of nature, gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and weak forces are the larger manifestations of the heart, upon lower levels we see the invisible force of evolution powered by the concept of life.

3. Tongue
The tongue is that which helps manipulates breath into speech. It gives form to thought and allows the beings of mind within Nuit to communicate and be known to one another. It allows them to rise above animal nature and form community, new works and to pass on knowledge from generation to generation. Rising ever upwards in their command of elements within Nuit, reaching for the glory of the stars.


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