AL I:4

Every number is infinite; there is no difference.

Here is another example of the speaker talking from above the abyss sort of logic. In elementary and euclidean mathematics the definition of number is inseparable from the concept of finiteness. Without space and time however, number loses all meaning, there is only one and it is all and nothing all at once. Trying to comprehend this verse will put us in this transcendental mode of thinking, which is necessary to comprehend many other verses in this chapter. It also shows us that this chapter is concerned with reconciling the finite with the infinite. Such apparently finite things as the soul, mind and body of man and the laws of nature, before one can mount to the smooth point these must all be reconciled.

Another contemplation is to imagine a numbering system that only uses prime numbers, non-prime numbers can only be indicated through products of primes. In this system each prime number is a wave, echoing out to infinity, which is the product of all of the primes.


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