AL I:20

The key of the rituals is in the secret word which I have given unto him.

Crowley claims that this word is ABRAHADABRA, there are several reasons why this doesn’t really fit the text. First he hasn’t received the word yet. If we are to believe that this is Nuit or Aiwass speaking to Crowley, it will be two more days until he is “given” the word. This verse would imply that the word has previously been given. Second the word “him” is used. In other verses Crowley is addressed directly as “you” or “thou”, so unless these is some mystery in the changes of tense and point of view, “him” refers to a third party. Third, ABRAHADABRA isn’t exactly secret as it occurs three times in chapter three. In III:39 we are told “a reproduction of this ink and paper for ever-for in it is the word secret & not only in the English” as if to imply that the word is hidden in the handwritten Liber AL.

One possible identity for this person could be John Dee, as we still don’t understand the proper use of the first of the 18 calls he and Kelly received. The G.D. made up some rules to use these calls, but there is no support for these rules within the diaries of the workings.

Using the previously defined methods, this verse corresponds to Yod, the Hermit card, the keeper of secrets.


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