AL I:18

Burn upon their brows, o splendrous serpent!

The Ajna is the chakra, that when opened, burns upon the forehead. In some systems this is said to be the end point of the of the channels that begin in the muladhara, the path that the serpent that is kundalini follows as it rises through the body. As per the previous verse, this inner flame is from or of The Beast.

This could also be related to Wadjet often seen on the crowns of Pharaohs as a symbol of power. It is also a form of protection as Wadjet was also known as Lady of Flame, who is said to be able to send fire onto those who might attack, just as the cobra spits poison into the eyes of its enemies.

So we have our two male lords of Thelema, The Beast as the Sun and Hadit as the flaming serpent. Together the Sun and the Snake form the Uraeus Crown that is seen atop the heads of many deities, including Horus and Bast.


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