AL I:17

But ye are not so chosen.

The Beast and the Scarlet Woman are chosen by Nuit, they are the sun and the moon, they have been given the winged secret flame and the stooping starlight. The person to whom she is talking has not been chosen in this manner. It is hard to say whether this includes Crowley or not. His interpretation was that he was the Beast and any woman he happened to be with became the Scarlet Woman. This is a poor supposition to base the future of Thelema on. Who now then is the Beast? Who is the Scarlet Woman? Did they come once and now are gone for good? Shall the Beast reincarnate as a person or as several persons as Crowley speculates in Liber 73?

More useful to us is to envision the Beast and the Scarlet Woman as deities that we can interact with or even embody. This allows Thelema to be a living tradition rather than Aleister Crowley worship.


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