AL I:16

For he is ever a sun, and she a moon. But to him is the winged secret flame, and to her the stooping starlight.

The Beast is identified with the Sun and The Scarlet Women with the Moon, the two great spheres which are the two greatest sources of light to the earth. This is how the Beast and the Scarlet Woman are to the people of the earth. His light is the greatest, her’s is but that of the Beast reflected in varying amounts of fullness. His, blinding, but source of all life upon the earth, her’s soothing and comforting, giving light while his is eclipsed by our own bulk.

In the second sentence their relation to Hadit and Nuit is established, two other sources of light, the secret flame of Hadit is given to The Beast and the distant light of Nuit is given to The Scarlet Woman. This relates the elements of our microcosmic experience of the universe to those macrocosmic beings that are the root of all. You could see the sun as the conscious awareness of man and the inner flame as the silent watching god within, that which is aware of the conscious awareness. The moon is the angel, all that we are not, whether we are aware or not aware of it. The starlight is our vision of ourselves acting in other bodies, our other incarnations the infinite sum of which makes up the body of Nuit.

The winged secret flame could be seen as the kundalini and the stooping starlight as the shakti which awakens it.


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