AL I:11

These are fools that men adore; both their Gods & their men are fools.

To whom does “these” refer to? Disconnected from the other verses, it would simply mean anyone that men adore are fools. This seems to be an incorrect reading as to adore someone would imply that they are a fool and as I cannot see a reading of this verse with positive connotations for the word fool, adoring would be redefined as a form of ridicule.

Looking to the previous verse for context, “these” refers to “the many & the known” who are ruled by the “servants” who are “few & secret”. This verse also adds context to the previous verse when we ask “who are the fools, these many & known?” The second part of the verse answers “their Gods & their men”. It is also important to note that this is also in the context of “men” or within our microcosm. In the macrocosm, the definition of “the many & the known” could be different. This is also the first verse that is relative to the microcosm. If the previous ten verses are related to the emanations of the spheres, this verse then could be assigned to the first path, aleph, the bridge between kether and chokmah, the tarot trump designated to which is The Fool.

So, we have established that “the Many & the Known” of men who are “their Gods and their men” are fools. Why are they fools and what does being a fool mean? As “the Many & the Known” are ruled over by the few & secret that are servants of the god who is speaking they are third in the grand pecking order. As the few that rule these are secret they are unknown to the “the Many & the Known” who thus believe that they are the first in this order and therefore they are fools. This is the concept of the demiurge and of the black brothers, who being ignorant or scornful of the selfless all, set form and ego upon the throne and are easily manipulated by those who know the secrets.


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