AL I:10

Let my servants be few & secret: they shall rule the many & the known.

Servants of whom? Who is speaking here? It may seem obvious but there is much room for confusion. The first four verses have an undetermined speaker, if it is Nuit, then she is talking about her self in the third person in the first verse. The next three (5-7) seem to be from the perspective of Nuit, though she seems to need some other deity to talk for her. In verse 6 she says that Hadit is her tongue, is Hadit the speaker? In verse 7 that she introduces Aiwass as the revealer, is he the word? Regardless the talker, however, the message is from Nuit and so it is about her servants.

What is the nature of these servants, in what capacity do they serve and by what rites have they been inducted into her service? This we do not now yet in our reading. We can however examine this relationship of the few and secret ruling over the many and the known, and find things that have this relationship to one another.

At the highest level this is reference to the laws of nature, which are few (perhaps even singular with many aspects) and as of yet secret. We can model gravity, electromagnetism and other various forces, but we still only really have theory as to why those forces work according to the models. Throughout the centuries we have invented names for the unaccountable factors in our equations. On the large side of the spectrum we had 100-200 years ago “Aethyr”, now we have “Dark Matter”, on the smaller side we have postulated particles that we are only beginning to develop instruments to observe. The many and the known are all of these lesser theorems and laws that we have uncovered to try to make sense of the universe. The many and the known are also the bits of matter and energy themselves, ruled and directed by the laws of nature whether man is there to observe or no.

On a lesser, more microcosmic level, the few and secret are the secret chiefs, which have been giving light to man throughout the aeons. The very image of their images has spawned all manner of Gods and Cults, let alone what their true communication and understanding of has created.

Personally, I do not buy into the idea that this implies some sort of ruling class of people. The few and secret here do not desire to be few and secret, they desire very much to be known and bring others into union with them. This is a very difficult task and few are able to come to the realizations that would allow them to be a true servant of Nuit, thus they are hidden, occulted or secret from most. Their power is, however, undeniable and whether the many know it or not, it rules their way of going.


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